Every Day may not be good

But there is good in every day

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About us

Welcome to intune-mindset, this site allows you to access qualified Therapists without needing to travel. Don’t have a computer and or internet connection, you may be able to do therapy by phone or mobile phone.

It is easy to start just email us from our contact window and we will contact you to discuss your options and concerns


We wish to provide a warm friendly professional service that can be accessed by any one who has a phone, computer and Internet service. We have found that there are people that are isolated due to location, disability and mental health issues and find it near difficult to do a face-to-face service.

We here at intune-mindset believe that everyone can learn to live at their full potential, to be able to cope with stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief, depression, PTSD and Trauma and almost all other types of mental health issues.

Meet the team

Sandra and Brett

Two professional Psychotherapists who practice with common sense down to earth approach, supported by study, personal and professional development and considerable life experience.

Some of the conditions we work with



Feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with daily activities.


Difficulty falling to sleep and not feeling well rested. Insomnia can be related to anxiety, lack of exercise, and lack of routine, poor sleeping habits, illness or certain medication.
Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

Can be caused by a significant loss such as a partner, family member, loss of a relationship or a loss of your job. Grief can be experienced as overwhelming sad emotions that are difficult to manage and impact on your capacity to lead a normal life. Grief is a normal response to loss.
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