My name is Sandra Russet-Silk and I am an Analytical Psychotherapist and I have practiced for 18 years treating people for Trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Torture and trauma Childhood Sexual abuse Borderline Personality Disorder Depression and anxiety Domestic violence issues. I have 30 years experience working with people with disability and the aged, 16 of those years were as an Advocate for people with disability. I have also worked as a Consultant for NGO’s who have sought my expertise with people who are disabled and who are struggling with personal and ethical issues.

My passion is working with people in the psychotherapeutic space and I have been a qualified and practicing psychotherapist for 18 years. I am a published author of a book Crying in Silencedz. This book highlights the failure of the systems to treat a young man suffering from PTSD and prescription drug addiction. In 2006 I wrote a workshop on Professional Boundaries for people who work with people with disability and community services. I have presented the workshop to community NGO’s in NSW, ACT, and WA. The workshop can be tailored to any agency or service providing personal care or support to people in general. I received the Centenary Medal in 2003 from the Commonwealth Government for my contribution to the community as an Advocate.

Two years of my working career I worked with Asylum Seekers of different ethnicity in Canberra and in the far North Kimberley at Curtin Immigration Detention Centre.

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Hi, I’m Brett and work in the therapy industry now for quite a number of years. My qualifications are Master Of Counselling in Person Centred Therapy and currently study in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy. My experience covers a wide range of issues for 12 to 70 years old individuals, families and couples. Some of the issues are; Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Lack of motivation, Torture and Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Borderline Personality disorders, Narcissism, Insomnia, Grief and Loss, Soldiers and return Soldiers issues.

I have worked across the community in a wide range of careers and jobs. I have worked in the military, Prison system, Disability Industry, Mental Health Industry and a number of NGO’s (None Government Organisations). I have also volunteered for Aged Care and worked with the Palliative Care Buddhist Society.

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