Boundaries Workshop

People with mental health issues who are recipients of care and support. NGO’s volunteer agencies. It became clear very quickly that the benefits of a workshop that addressed the issue of professional boundaries for people who work in the service industry are many and varied. Personal and professional boundaries are what keep the worker and the client safe. A worker who keeps clear boundaries in their work has a better prospect for a longer career than a worker who does not keep clear boundaries. Some of the pitfalls of unclear boundaries: Support workers placing themselves and the client at risk of inappropriate relationships.

Becoming more important than natural supports. The support worker believing they can with the best of intentions influence a client in decision making eg. Giving advice. The workshop is run usually over one day. Up to thirty -five participants.

Workshops can be tailored to specific client groups and the nature of the support the agency offers. Boundaries has been presented across New South Wales, ACT and some parts of W.A. Boundaries seek to give the professional an understanding of what causes them to breach their boundaries, how to repair them and a clearer understanding of the harm that unclear boundaries can do to both the worker and the client.

Boundaries Workshop

We designed and wrote the Boundaries workshop in 2006 and the content is copy write. The workshop was designed to provide an understanding of the importance of boundaries for support workers who worked with people with disability and the aged.

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