Feelings of worry, anxiety or fear that are strong enough to interfere with daily activities.



Difficulty falling to sleep and not feeling well rested. Insomnia can be related to anxiety, lack of exercise, and lack of routine, poor sleeping habits, illness or certain medication.


Grief and Loss

Can be caused by a significant loss such as a partner, family member, loss of a relationship or a loss of your job. Grief can be experienced as overwhelming sad emotions that are difficult to manage and impact on your capacity to lead a normal life. Grief is a normal response to loss.



At times we can feel upset by something or someone and anger can be the result of feeling upset. Anger can be a distressing emotion to feel and at times hard to cop with.



Depression can be indicated by a loss of interest in normal activities, not socialising, avoidance, low self-esteem and lack of concentration. Changes to sleeping patterns and energy levels and or a feeling of hopelessness that nothing matters can be indications of depression.



Trauma is an emotional response to an awful event that the mind has difficulties processing. Immediately after the event, shock can take hold. Over a longer period of time, there can be flashbacks of the traumatic event, heightened emotions that can put a strain on relationships.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

If a traumatic event is not resolved within a six month period it can lead to PTSD, the symptoms of which can be long term. Symptoms may include nightmares or flashbacks that can be so real the individual feels like they are reliving the traumatic event as both visceral and psychological.


Service Men and Women

Serving and none serving military personnel can often find returning to live and work in the community very difficult. From the service men and women in active duty, whether that be on a battle-field or providing security on Australian borders, leaving the forces or being discharged medically is a difficult change that some find very hard to adjust to from what has been instilled over years of service


Childhood Sexual Abuse

Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is a profound and significant breach of a child’s trust. CSA can be a devastating and complex trauma and the impacts on a child of a breach of trust can often lead the adult to suffer life long trust and self-esteem issues.

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